{ Just a little bit of Stunning… Abbotsford wedding Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog }

What a delightful day this was. Besides the down pouring of rain we made the best out of every situation. I don’t even think that the bride and groom knew that it was raining. They were just so focussed on each other that nothing seemed to even bother them. They both looked so amazing and you could tell that their love was everlasting! It was such a hounour to be able to capture their day and i know that even a little rain won’t ruin this marriage.


10 more days { Abbotsford engagement Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog }

10 more days until i get to capture the special day of two very special people in my life. 

Serving hearts { Abbotsford Wedding Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog}

This couple has the biggest hearts i know. They have such gentle spirits and hearts that want to serve and help others and each other. We had the most amazing day and the weather held out right until the last photo. What a pleasure it was to capture their special day.