{ Just a little bit of Stunning… Abbotsford wedding Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog }

What a delightful day this was. Besides the down pouring of rain we made the best out of every situation. I don’t even think that the bride and groom knew that it was raining. They were just so focussed on each other that nothing seemed to even bother them. They both looked so amazing and you could tell that their love was everlasting! It was such a hounour to be able to capture their day and i know that even a little rain won’t ruin this marriage.


10 more days { Abbotsford engagement Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog }

10 more days until i get to capture the special day of two very special people in my life. 

The love is there { Langley Wedding Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog }

Doing a January wedding can be a little scary. You just never know what the weather is going to be like. We had the most perfect day and everything was just as beautiful as she wanted it to be. This beautiful couple was overwhelming. And not in a bad way. They overwhelmed me with how they just loved their families and gave so much credit to them. They valued their opinions and you could see the bond between them. This couple has the most amazing chemistry and i really never had to tell them what to do. Everything came so natural to them and i truly felt so blessed to spend the day with them.





Goosebumps for many different reasons { Chilliwack Wedding Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog }

Ok….this was the most freezing cold wedding i’ve ever done. I don’t think that i could feel my hands for hours afterwards. But the sun was out and this couple was so focussed on getting married that nothing else mattered. The ceremony was so touching and they just had this presence about them. So besides the minus degree weather and the wind warnings in the flats, this day turned out beautiful because a family was made!

Mr. Doctor and Ms. Hygienist { Abbotsford Engagement Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog}

Isn’t my cousin the most beautiful girl! I have so many unbelievable memories with her and her family. She is the most fun person and she loves to love and loves to laugh. When we met jake we felt the same way about him. He just adores her and they are just so perfect together. They both have such huge dreams and i know that their life together will always be an adventure. Can’t wait to spend many more holidays together! I love you guys!

Seriously Stunning { Abbotsford Wedding Photography | Pink Plum Photography Blog }

I know what a lot of you are thinking…. “Your NOT allowed to take pictures up at the Abby anymore.” This wedding was taken a year ago and i just came across it again. It was such a perfect day with such an amazing couple who loved each other. Thanks guys for letting me capture your special day!